AWS Budgets management

Rupesh Saw
1 min readJun 13, 2021


Always useful to start AWS with budgets. I started AWS with a free trier account for learning purpose. After some week I got a $100 billing notification on my email. I haven’t any clue at that time how the bill came. I did some Google search and I got useful information.

Refer to the below points to set the budget in the AWS and get a notification before the billing amount high.

  1. Log in to the AWS management console.
  2. Click on account(right-top) and then My Billing Dashboard
  3. Click on Budgets(Left-right).
  4. Click on Create Budget.
  5. Click on Cost budget and then Set your Budget.
  6. Fill in the required info:
  • Name: Name of budget
  • Period: Monthly
  • Budget amount: $0.01 and then click on Configure budget.

7. Again fill in the info:

  • Threshold base(in %)
  • E-mail to get notified and then click on Confirm budget


Happy to help.



Rupesh Saw